Party Supply Rental


Arch: Arch with lights$30.00
Audio: 15″ Premium Speaker$75.00
Audio: Custom Playlist (per minute)$0.50
Audio: Digital DJ (1 Speakers, DJ Auto Lights, Wireless Microphone & 90 Mins. of Music)$150.00
Backdrop: Custom (up front seating & décor)$100.00 +
Balloons (latex helium)$25.00
Balloon Garland (6t)$100.00
Balloon Garland (8t)$150.00
Balloon Columns (2 in a set) (4ft / 6ft)$50.00 / $75.00
BRIDAL SUITE (Deluxe)$200.00
Cake (2 Tier / 3 Tier / 4 Tier) *heavy décor, custom theme, & toppers will raise price*$125.00 / $200.00 / $260.00
Cake (2 Tier / 3 Tier) – Three Milks$150.00 / $200.00 / $280.00
Cake (1/2 Sheet / Full Sheet)$40.00 / $80.00
Cake cutter (2 piece)$10.00
Cake topper$10.00
Cake pops (1 DZ)$25.00
Cake Stands / Cup cake Stands3 for $50 / Varies
Caterer Cleaning$50.00
Cookies (Themed) DZ$30.00
Cupcakes (24)$25.00
Cupcake Toppers (frames, etc.) /DZ$25.00
Crispy Treats w/ decorative straws, etc.$25.00
Covered Pretzels ( 12 or 24)$10.00 / $18.00
Centerpiece: Basic (less than 12″)$5.00
Centerpiece: Basic (over 12″)$15.00
Centerpiece: Premium (over 24″)$20.00 +
Chafer Pan w/ lid, water pan, & heating gel$20.00 / $25.00
Chafer Pan (8QT Round)$10.00
Chair: Stretch Cover$2.00
Chair: Cover (Color)$2.50
Chair: Folding$1.25
Chair: Kid Stools$1.25
Chair: King$50.00
Chair: Queen$50.00
Chair: Tie/Sash$1.25
Chair: Tie/Stretch$1.75
Chair: Tie/Stretch (Bling, Metallic, Decorative)$2.00
Chair: Wedding Padded$2.50
Chair: White Leather$25.00
Chair: White Sofa$50.00
Charger: Plate Charger (Black/White/Gold/Silver)$1.50
Charger: Plate Charger (Color: Red, Pink, Green, Navy, Burlap, etc.)$1.75
Décor: BASIC Treat Table- design & décor, 2 small jars, 2 medium jars, (of assorted candy/treats) backdrop, table, linens, and light décor to theme$300.00 +
Décor: PREMIUM Treat Table – design & décor, 2 small jars, 2 medium jars (of candy/treats) 24 cupcakes, 12 cake pops, 1 dz pretzel sticks, custom backdrop, tables, linens, and décor to theme$375.00 +
Décor: OVER THE TOP Treat Table – design & décor, 2 small jars, 2 medium jars, 2 large jars (of candy/treats) 24 cupcakes, 12 cake pops, 1 dz pretzel sticks, 1 dz (apples, cookies, or cupcake toppers), 1 2-tier cake, custom backdrop, tables, linens, can lights, and full décor to theme$450.00 +
Décor:Treat Table – table, backdrop, linens, NO TREATS/NO JARS$150.00
Draping (King Rm): Ceiling$150.00
Draping (King Rm): Color Panels Inserts$8.00
Draping (King Rm): Large Wall (White/Black)$75.00
Draping (King Rm): Middle Entry – Heavy$75.00
Draping (King Rm): Middle Entry – Light$50.00
Draping (King Rm): Small Wall (White/Black)$25.00
Draping (Queen Rm): Large Back Wall$125.00
Event Planning & Decorating : Offsite – Per Hour + Mileage (when travel exceeds 20 miles one way)$75.00
Event Planning & Decorating : Onsite – Per Hour$50.00
Event Planning: Wedding Coordinator (Services provided day of wedding)$75.00 & Up
Event Planning: Shower Coordinator (Misc. shower related services)$75.00 & Up
Event Planning: Custom Décor Pieces$25.00 & Up
Face Makeup$50.00
Glass: Wine clear medium size 10oz$0.75
Lighting: 4 Bar DJ Light (2 sets)$75.00
Lighting: Ceiling (Warm Clear)$50.00
Lighting: Large Up Light$10.00
Lighting: Large Wall (Warm Clear)$50.00
Lighting: Small Up Light$7.00
Lighting: Small Wall (Warm Clear)$25.00
Lighting: Track Light (includes 4 colored g10 lights)$5.00 ea
Linen: 14′ Table Skirt for 4 Foot$12.00
Linen: 17′ Table Skirt for 6 Foot$16.00
Linen: 21′ Table Skirt for 8 Foot$18.00
Linen: 90″ x 132″ for 6 Foot$15.00
Linen: 90″ x 132″ for 6 Foot (Stretch – Black/White)$20.00
Linen: 90″ x 132″ for 6 Foot (Stretch – Color)$25.00
Linen: 90″ x 156″ for 8 Foot$15.00
Linen: 90″ x 156″ for 8 Foot (Stretch – Black/White)$20.00
Linen: 90″ x 156″ for 8 Foot (Stretch – Color)$20.00
Linen: 108″ for 48″Round (Black/White/Ivory)$10.00
Linen: 108″ for 48″Round (Color)$15.00
Linen: 120″ for 60″Round (Black/White/Ivory)$10.00
Linen: 120″ for 60″Round (Color/Sequin)$15.00 / $20.00
Linen: Overlays$7.00
Linen: Runners$7.00
Linen: Runners / Overlays (Sequin/Glitter)$10.00 / $12.00
Napkin: Linen Napkin (Black/White)$1.00
Napkin: Linen Napkin (Color)$1.50
Napkin: Tie/Clip$0.25
Napkin: Utensils (plastic) wrapped with paper linen napkin & napkin ribbon$1.50
Napkin: Utensils (china look alike) wrapped with linen napkin & napkin tie$2.50
Photo Area: Sequin backdrop$25.00 +
Photo Area: Add on -Red Ropes, Red Carpet, & Props$50.00
Photo Area: Sequin or Colored Drapes Photo Backdrop & Props (est. 8′ x 8′)$100.00
Photo Area: Vinyl or Fabric Photo Background & Props (est. 10′ x 10′)$150.00
Photo Area: Vinyl or Fabric Photo Background & Props (est. 5′ x 7′)$75.00
Pillars: White / Short$5.00
Pillars: White / Tall$10.00
Pillars: Silver / Tall$15.00
Red Carped: 7′ x 9′$20.00
Service Fee (excessive electric)$75.00
Stanchion: Red Rope / Chrome$15.00 ea
Table: 4′ Rectangle$6.00
Table: 6′ Rectangle$10.00
Table: 8′ Rectangle$12.00
Table: 24″ Round$7.00
Table: 32″ Round$9.00
Table: 32″ Round / Highboy$10.00
Table: 48″ Round$9.00
Table: 60″ Round$11.00
Various Stands, Jars, Assorted Décor, Signs, etc.$5.00-$20.00
Venue Cleaning – 1-50 guests / 50-100 guests/ 101-150 guests$125 / $175 / $200
Venue Cleaning – Excessive Cleaning (no guest count necessary)$250.00
Waste Charge$50.00
Wedding Décor (signs, guest books, etc.)Varies
Wedding DJ$125.00 HR
We offer an array of custom designs and party supplies. We have too many to list! If you do not see something on the list, call us with your requests!